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Survival Shadows of Katmai

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Game Cabela's Survival Shadows of Katmai
Length 4:58
Date Nov 13, 2011
“What the fuck is Cabela?” — Random person

Matt's Bomb-Ass Reviews: Survival Shadows of Katmai is a video featuring Matt giving his take on Cabela's Survival Shadows of Katmai. Though he insists that there is a lot of hype for the game, no one agrees with him, not even Woolie.

About Edit

Matt enters the incredibly decadent and easy world of video game journalism.
— Matt

Quotes Edit

Now I'm sure everyone out there is super excited for Call of Battle 8: Modern Warfield 5, and that's cool, I guess. We're not about that stuff today. We're talkin' about three things: Bomb. Ass. Games.
— Matt
Now I know what you're thinking. Hey, if you're not reviewing soldier games where soldiers kill other soldiers like, what else is there?
— Matt
— Matt, to Woolie
To play Cabela's Survival Shadows of Katmai, you can use the standard babby controller y'know, if you want women thinking you have a super tiny penis.
— Matt
What the fuck is Cabela?
— Random person
Shadow's of Katmai has the following: bears swinging trees, wolf siege battles, conversing with vagrants, bears destroying entire towns, sealing unconscious women inside the abdomens of dead animals, Josh Brolin.
— Matt

Gallery Edit

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