Matt's Bomb-Ass Zoo Adventure! (RED PANDAS)

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Length 11:55
Date Aug 23, 2013
“I'm taking footage of beautiful creatures.” — Matt

Matt's Bomb-Ass Zoo Adventure! (RED PANDAS) is a video featuring Matt and his ladyfriend gawking at all the nice critters at the local zoo, especially the red pandas. Matt also added interesting animal tidbits for us all to enjoy and become enriched with knowledge of the animal kingdom.

Animal Facts Edit

  • Congo starred Winston from Ghostbusters.
  • It is estimated that 500 leopards a year look fucking rad as hell.
  • Yaks smell like animals, and they look kinda homeless.
  • The Golden Oozaru is one of the rarest apes like, ever.
  • Apes and monkeys enjoy flinging their own feces when angered.
  • So does Pat.
  • Zoos make me appreciate the fact that I don't have children.
  • Ocelots are the strongest cats in the world. Six of them are more than enough to kill anything that moves.
  • When not stacking cups, Otters aren't that cute.

Quotes Edit

I'm taking footage of beautiful creatures.
— Matt as he films his ladyfriend
They feed them a steady diet of J-Lo.
— Matt on Anacondas
Quickly sing Lion King, now. Do it, do it nerd.
— Matt while filming a meerkat

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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