Matt's Super On-Time Top Ten of 2012!

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Length 14:31
Upload Date Jun 2, 2013
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“We're not late, shut up.” — Matt

Matt's Super On-Time Top Ten of 2012 is a run through of Matt's favorite ten games of the 2012 year coming in June, halfway through 2013. Woolie's was released on May 27th, Pat's was on June 9th and Liam's on June 16th. Hitomi Tanaka's J-Cups are prominently featured during the countdown scenes.

About Edit

The most anticipated super on-time top ten of 2012 is finally here! Pat's list will be next Sunday, June 9th!
— Video description

Matt's Top Ten Edit

  1. Double Dragon Neon
  2. Hotline Miami
  3. The Last Story
  4. Anarchy Reigns
  5. Sleeping Dogs
  6. New Super Mario Bros. U
  7. Lollipop Chainsaw
  8. Mighty Switch Force
  9. Trials Evolution
  10. Mark of the Ninja

Quotes Edit

I love the first Trials HD... I played it for weeks straight, as did Woolie, Pat and other lesser beings.
— Matt
— Matt
Now, most people know how I feel about that Lollipop already, as more of you watched my bomb-ass review of it than the entirety of the Chrono Trigger playthrough.
— Matt
The innovations in assholenomics are always being pushed...
— Matt on Super Mario Bros. Wii U
It's just endless fun too play with people ya hate, and that's something I'm never in short supply of.
— Matt on Super Mario Bros. Wii U
The only game that's made me laugh more... [cut to Jason from Heavy Rain being hit by a car and killed].
— Matt on Double Dragon Neon
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • The entire Sleeping Dogs part is an Emma Stone interview about the game without any voice over.
  • Matt claims in this video he is the best at Anarchy Reigns, despite Pat's convincing win in their Brawl.
  • Matt says the perfect length for a RPG is about 35 hours long in gameplay as it's deep but doesn't require you to be a pathetic weirdo without any social life to play. The video then cuts to Pat's save file of Persona 4 and him saying "I played 131 hours of Persona 4".

Gallery Edit

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