Matt & Liam's Bomb Ass Zelda Orchestra Symphony Tour! (Pat and Woolie suck)

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Length 3:20
Date Jun 15, 2013
“Everyone says Metallica or like Pantera, but fuck no man, ZELDA, the hardest core band.” — Matt

Matt & Liam's Bomb Ass Zelda Orchestra Symphony Tour! (Pat and Woolie suck) is a video showing Matt and his Super Best Friend, Rising Superstar Liam attending a Zelda Orchestra concert with a few of their other weeaboo friends. Woolie and Pat couldn't make it because Woolie was too busy jerking it to Bayo 2 and Pat needed some time alone to cry.

Quotes Edit

Uh, I already went to the show last year so I don't really need anything...
— Matt
...ah fuck it, give me one of everything anyway.
— Matt
Woolie is at home covered in a fine powder of Cheeto dust and just tons of semen from Bayonetta.
— Liam
Pat is probably at home in a fetal position crying in his bathroom.
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first actual appearance by Liam's likeness in the series as well as the first appearance of Dork Girl.
  • This is also the first time the Best Friends are shown to actually have female friends, though women can be heard in the background of other videos.

Gallery Edit

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