Matt Buys Too Much Predator Crap!

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Length 9:22
Date Jan 7, 2013
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“Ahhh Jesus, what did I buy now?” — Matt

Matt Buys Too Much Predator Crap! is a video featuring Matt unveiling his newest Predator toy, Samurai Predator, despite not really having the money for it and also rent, proving once again that he is a huge man child. He then shows off his extensive collection of other worthless Predator crap and tries to justify why a grown man spends so much money on toys.

Quotes Edit

This is not, y'know, Toys"R"Us little shitty toys for stupid babies.
— Matt
Everyone knows Predators beat the shit out of Aliens, It's pretty sad actually, that anyone can think an Alien can own a Predator.
— Matt
Again, this was not inexpensive... this is one of those, like, you don't get laid type of collecting hobbies, well, I do... get laid a lot...
— Matt
We got Woolie going on in the back here...
— Matt playing with Predator's dreads

Trivia Edit

  • Clips from the original Predator movie are played throughout the video.
  • The full playthrough of Predator: Concrete Jungle is teased at the end.

Gallery Edit

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