Matt vs Godzilla-Fest 2016

G-Fest 2016
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Length 44:29
Upload Date Jul 29, 2016
“Get owned, 1998!” — Matt

Matt vs Godzilla-Fest 2016 is a one-off episode featuring Matt celebrating his love for his cute little dinosaur toys.

About Edit

Big thanks to all the fans who came to Galloping Ghost/My Panel Thanks of course goes to G-Fest itself for having me! Special Thanks to Chieisbestwaifu and Crymetina for all their help during the weekend!
— Website description

Quotes Edit

Of course there's Double Blast O'Niel, that sounds like a porn star name, but okay.
— Matt
Right now, all these middle-aged ladies do is gum up the elevator so I can't buy my stupid dinosaur shit.
— Matt
How many people do you think have fallen in here looking for Pokemon? All of them?
— Matt at the zoo
Gamera, get the fuck out. What did I say before?
— Matt
You didn't win. Our journey will last forever. Planet X fucking rules.
— Matt
Get owned, 1998!
— Matt

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