Mini Two Best Friends Play:

Max Payne 2

Max Payne 2
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Game Max Payne 2
Length 4:34
Upload Date Sep 26, 2011
Controller Matt
Next Dead Island
“Max Payne killed everyone but love.” — Pat

Mini Two Best Friends Play: Max Payne 2 is a short episode in which Matt and Pat kill criminals with bullet time and defy the laws of physics, whilst also mocking Mark Wahlberg. 


— Video Description


Oh man, I miss that logo.
— Pat, about the Xbox logo
I don't!
— Matt, about the Xbox logo
Don't make fun of him. He knows. He knows he sucks.
— Pat, on Mark Wahlberg
The umbilical cord stretched around my neck like a noose. Pain was behind me in a gaping hole.
— Matt, as Baby Max Payne
Does Shequille O' Neil work in this warehouse?
— Matt

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