SBFC 158

Maximum Parent Confusion Marketing

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Length 3:18:32
Date Aug 15, 2016
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“Just smack her phone out of her hand. It's the only way to save her. Do it because you love her.” — Woolie

Maximum Parent Confusion Marketing is the one-hundred and fifty-eighth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

No Man’s Sky, Overwatch, QA memories and the Game of Thrones Spoilercast.
— Website description


My brain thought that Scream Lord was the real one and Shout Caster was the joke.
— Woolie
Why are we going to see the Sense of Right Alliance movie? That's not the movie I wanted to see.
— Woolie
I wanted to see Shrek.
— Liam
I hate gloss. I'm the eternal rival of gloss. I'm matte.
— Matt
Your cheats are like the gross sauce your aunt pours all over your plate and now it's all over my skill.
— Liam
Just smack her phone out of her hand. It's the only way to save her. Do it because you love her.
— Woolie

Letter Time Edit

Q: What is your favorite challenge in a game where you're supposed to lose but you get a special thing if you win? from Chad

  • Matt: No Mercy
  • Woolie: I wish Mega Man X had this against Vile.
  • Liam: Demon's Souls and Fire Emblem 7

Q: Where do the tiers lie with Street Fighter and Tekken characters? from Zay Ivory

  • Matt: Ryu beat Galactus and Ken can beat Onslaught.
  • Woolie: E. Honda landed a cross-up butt splash on Ingrid and Ingrid is a god.
  • Liam: No Street Fighter character has destroyed their town, but the guy from Hatred did.

Q: Would you still be interested in Pokemon GO if the Pokemon weren't all from Gen 1? from Unknown

  • Matt: I'd be less interested.
  • Woolie: It all depends on the number, I would not if the number of options got too large.
  • Liam: I'd still play. None of my favorite Pokemon are in Gen 1.

Q: At what point, if any, is cheating in a game justified? from Crystal

  • Recovering lost game progress. In a single player game, who cares. It becomes not okay when you're cheating takes fun away from other players.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Game of Thrones spoilercast.
  • Woolie: Game of Thrones spoilercast.
  • Liam: Game of Thrones spoilercast.

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