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Mazinger Z

Mazinger Title
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Game Mazinger Z
Length 36:49
Upload Date Mar 23, 2015
Controller Woolie, Pat, Matt
Previous Zone of the Enders 2 - The 2nd Runner
Next Super Robot Wars Z3 - JIGOKU-Hen
“I don't have the code, I have a couple dentures of Tim Schafer in his underwear.” — Matt

Mazinger Z is the second episode of Mechaweek 2. In this episode, Matt, Pat, and Woolie go super old school to the grandaddy of super robots, discuss what truly defines a shmup and reveal the connections between Barb Wire and Casablanca.

About Edit

— Video description

Quotes Edit

Banpresto always made me think a bunch of raccoons made the game.
— Matt
There were no people inside that train.
— Pat
No, they all went into the next dimension.
— Matt
I had a serious Getter Robo first impression problem where, I always thought, for some reason, up until like five years ago, New Getter Robo was people or even the writers of the show mispronouncing the word ghetto, and I thought it was gonna be a robot built out of garbage.
— Pat
We gotta go clean out those ghettos before they build a Ghetto Robo.
— Woolie
Yeah, that shoots the ass lasers.
— Matt
I don't have the code, I have a couple dentures of Tim Schafer in his underwear.
— Matt
You know what would be really great? If Stan Lee came in and said, 'I drew you idiots!' and then they all just disappear.
— Matt
No. Stan Lee comes in and goes 'I'm still alive! How about that shit?'.
— Pat
You thought I was dead. Please enjoy Stripperella.
— Matt


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