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Mech Warrior Title
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Game MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat
Length 52:51
Upload Date Mar 15, 2015
Controller Woolie
Next Hawken / Titanfall
“This is basically Desert Bus.” — Matt

Mechawarrior 2 is the first episode of Mechaweek. In this episode, Matt, Pat and Woolie commence operation Bone Machine, accept Budman into their lives, circle-strafe an over-the-hill mech pilot, orphan some children and embrace cowardice.

About Edit

Boot sequence initiated...OK

Configuring hype drivers...OK

Commencing project MW1...OK

MECHAWEEK initiated.

MISSION_001: 31st_Century_Cowards

Primary Objective: Relive the lost hype of 20 years past.

Secondary Objective: Crush the Wolf Clan scum beneath the glorious bootheel of the Jade Falcon empire.

Tertiary Objective: Don't get scurred.

— Video description

Quotes Edit

Jade Falcon is for punks; Clan Wolf is the shit.
— Pat
That's like, interface Johns, I've never seen it before!
— Woolie
This is some Starship Troopers shit.
— Pat
This is basically Desert Bus.
— Matt
Hey Duke Nukem, thanks for lending us your explosions!
— Matt
Not only are you dead, but you're double dead 'cause you cost us money.
— Woolie
So the entire concept for Mechwarrior fighting is, 'I hope the other guys is worse than me'?
— Matt
Even educational games were like, 'What are you gonna fucking bitch out? Not learn?'
— Matt
I will allow it to grace the area beneath my ass.
— Woolie
This is the fastest-paced slow game.
— Pat
Speed it down!
— Matt
This is almost like this is a genre that was born to be on Kinect.
— Matt


  • The music used in the intro is "Pacific Rim", the main theme from the Pacific Rim soundtrack, composed by Ramin Djawadi.
  • The outro uses audio from one of the game overs a player can receive in Mechawarrior 2.

Gallery Edit

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