The Box Art Critique With Woolie & Matt

Mega Man

Box Art Critique Mega Man
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Length 55:52
Upload Date May 14, 2016
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Next Final Fight & Streets of Rage (Box Art Critique)
“We're not wrong. Time and space are wrong.” — Star Exorcist

Mega Man is a The Box Art Critique With Woolie & Matt episode in which Matt and Woolie force special guest Star Exorcist to look through and discuss all the shitty Mega Man covers.

About Edit

Woolsworth and Matthew are joined by the talented Star Exorcist to hem and haw over the wonderfully fucked up world of Mega Man Boxart!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

I'm here to ruin everything.
— Star Exorcist
The best part about if this was hanging in a gallery somewhere would be the little tag that goes in the corner that says like, 'Mega Man 1 - (Mixed Media)'.
— Woolie
Acrylics on wood.
— Matt
Why doesn't Mega Man have a gun? Where's his yellow? How come he doesn't have a creepy Macaulay Culkin face?
— Matt
Mega Man really loves his dog.
— Woolie
It's not good if you don't use every color.
— Star Exorcist
They're all pointing at Proto Man. This motherfucker carries HBO.
— Woolie
It's a little dog in the sidecar looking around thinking, 'Why do I live?'.
— Woolie
We're not wrong. Time and space are wrong.
— Star Exorcist
But the two new characters that they introduced were bell guy over here and Mr. Pickaninny Fucking Darkie McNegro Lips!
— Woolie
I regret everything.
— Star Exorcist


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