Best Friends Play

Megadimension Neptunia VII

Megadimension Title
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Game Megadimesnion Neptunia VII
Length 53:34
Controller Pat
Upload Date Mar 20, 2016
“That actually didn't go past her butt and I'm surprised.” — Liam

Best Friends Play Megadimension Neptunia VII is a one-off episode in which Pat and Liam get sucked into their Naruto Dreamcast and avoid overt copyright infringement.


Follow Pat once more into the abyss of moe that he really just doesn't know how to deal with.
— Website description


What happened to Konami-chan? Oh, she's dead. She's fucking dead.
— Pat
That says 'Seven', man.
— Pat
Yeah, V2. Whatever.
— Liam
I get a massive kick out of not quite copyright infringement.
— Pat
Someone get me an image macro of Kenshiro punching this little girl in the face.
— Pat
Dreamcast is pretty pissed off considering she's dead.
— Pat
That actually didn't go past her butt and I'm surprised.
— Liam
I'm so stubborn and I'm aware of it and I don't care what it says about me as a tiny person.
— Pat
Is Homer a CPU? I'd put my shares there.
— Liam

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