This is an extended page of the Megaman X: Command Mission "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


X's Diary, September 3rd, AD 21XX: "So...Zero died again today. Waited until Vile almost killed me and then dashed in and sacrificed himself at the last second. Was pretty cool I guess. I wish I had sick red armour and a beam saber..."
— Part one
X's Diary, September 5th, AD 21XX: "Got another sword from Zero. It wasn't the sword i wanted though =("
— Part two
X's Diary, September 7th, AD 21XX: "I wonder what doctor light is doi- oh..."
— Part three
X's Diary, September 10th, AD 21XX: "So Zero Failed to Notice me again today. I wish i was iris, then i could get with zero and he'd like me =("
— Part four
X's Diary, X's Diary, September 14th, AD 21XX: "Zero actually had a coversation with me today! Sure it was about work but still"
— Part five
X's Diary, September 16th, AD 21XX:"Today i wrote fan fiction about zero and me. It's set in a world without that dumb bitch Iris. So I guess it's basically the same as our world. =)"
— Part six
X's Diary, September 18th, AD 21XX: "Who the fuck is this Ciel chick Zero talks about"
— Part seven
X's Diary, X's Diary, September 20th, AD 21XX: "Today Zero told me about a dream he has where he fought a Reploid on top of a colony drop. I was dead in it =("
— Part eight
X's Diary, September 24th, AD 21XX: "Today someone told me they were gonna expose Zero for the one responsible for Sigma. I shot him"
— Part nine
X's Diary, September 26th, AD 21XX: "Today Zero told me about his love for iris again. I think he's trying to make me jealous"
— Part ten
X's Diary, September 28th, AD 21XX: "Truth is, Rolling Shield is my favorite weapon because wearing it makes me feel like Zero."
— Part eleven
Part twelve
— {{{2}}}
X's Diary, October 7th, AD 21XX: "Wish I could grow my hair out into a ponytail. Robots can't grow hair, so Zero's creator made him like that. Must have been a pretty cool guy."
— Part thirteen
X's Diary, October ‎13,th, AD 21XX: "Man, Fuck Axl"
— Part fourteen
X's Diary, October 16th, AD 21XX: "Robots can't smell things. I've never cared about this missing sense, until I saw those long blonde flowing locks, twirling through the air, creating a perfect spiral with the distorted bend of his beam blade. I bet they smell like Maverick grease and martyrdom. Fuck I'm so turned on right now. Literally. I am on as opposed to off and functioning."
— Part fifteen
X's Diary, October 19th, AD 21XX: "Casually mentioned the word 'sleepover' in convo with Zero today. Dont think he got the hint."
— Part sixteen
X's Diary, October 23rd, AD 21XX: "Got deployed on another maverick hunt today. It was gonna be just me and Zero like it should be, but Axl got all nosey and butted in, and now the fucker is riding shotgun on Zero's bike...=("
— Part seventeen
X's Diary, October 26th, AD 21XX: "Zero gave me dap today :D :D :DDDD"
— Part eighteen
— Part nineteen
X's Diary, November 2nd, AD 21XX: "Gravity Beetle shared his new Zero alt-reality fic online with me and Jet Stingray. It was about a little chibi Zero-tan and some cute little elf buddies, saving the world. Shit was MOE as fuck, 11/10."
— Part twenty
— Part twenty-one
X's Diary, November 13, AD 21XX: "Sometimes Zero cusses and says bad words, and I tell him he shouldn't say that stuff, but I secretly love it every time he does."
— Part twenty-two
X's Diary, November 15, AD 21XX: "I bet if Zero married me we'd get strong enough to stop Sigma."
— Part twenty-three
X's Diary, November 18, AD 21XX: "Zero left his mission supply pack in the briefing room today. It was full of weed, pornography and underwear, so I bet he'll be super happy when I bring it back to him."
— Part twenty-four
X's Diary, November 20th, AD 21XX: "cant decide if our ship should be named Xero or Zerox =3"
— Part twenty-five
X's Diary, November 22nd, AD 21XX: "i wonder if zero can use heat haze to do OTHER STUFF 3 times 8D"
— Part twenty-six
Just before starting, we fixed a sound issue by unplugging the headphones, which unknowingly led to game audio getting muted. We sincerely apologize. In place of normal audio, please enjoy the music of various classic Megaman games instead.
— Part twenty-seven through twenty-nine
X's Amazon Wishlist, November 30th, AD 21XX: Item saved. Continue Shopping?
— Part thirty
Cinnamon Sighting, December 2nd, AD 21XX:
— Part thirty-one
Cinnamon Sighting, December 4th, AD 21XX:
— Part thirty-two
X's Diary, December 08th, AD 21XX: "Started a new image board thread today for posting Black Zero pics... Everything was fine until some Mavericks showed up and started color editing my art to make Black Zero into regular Zero because they "couldn't get into it". It got really weird really fast =("
— Part thirty-three
X's Diary, December 11th, AD 21XX: "The Mavericks have now started a thread for posting Zero in something called "Queen's Stallion" form.......I'm never going there again."
— Part thirty-four

*There was no video description for part thirty-five

X's Browsing History, December 17th, 21XX:
— Part thirty-six
— Part thirty-seven
Historial de navegación de X, 21 de diciembre, 21XX:
— Part thirty-eight

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