Best Friends Play


Mekazoo Title
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Game Mekazoo
Length 30:45
Controller liam
Upload Date Dec 5, 2016
“'Brennan William's Sex Midget Found Dead in Pit', and it's Woolie.” — Liam

Best Friends Play - Mekazoo is a one-off episode in which Matt, Woolie, and Liam break free from their Mekazoos to get revenge against God and David Cage by proving Woolie is still a giant liar, exposing the murderous ways of kangaroos, and save Pat from the badger's den.

About Edit

Sometimes the all-knowing Meka-God needs a sex animal dwarf to get him through the hard times!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Can you create a good mood?
— Liam
Not off the back of a Nomad Soul you can't.
— Woolie
Slugs are fucking gross is real life, dude.
— Liam
And in this case they're the servants of God, so they gotta go.
— Woolie
Why did they not call it Beaztorizer in America?
— Woolie
It was too unsafe. The parents wouldn't like it. Did you know your child is getting Beastorized right now?
— Liam
Kangaroos kill at least three Australian children an hour.
— Matt
You know the saying. 'If you can't find a child...
— Liam
Kill a porn star.'
— Matt
Have you found your dwarf porn star yet?
— Liam
Well, we have Pat.
— Matt
“'Brennan William's Sex Midget Found Dead in Pit', and it's Woolie.
— Liam


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