SBFC 195

Memory Crearing

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Length 3:41:38
Date May 1, 2017
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“We have the person being shoved up the ass and what some would call a 'lucky boy'.” — Woolie

Memory Crearing is the one-hundred and ninety-fifth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

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The Roomcast, followed by some good old fashioned inappropriate kneejerk rants. You can watch us record the podcast live on
— Website description


Dear Woolie, I'm a Melee player and...
— Matt
...and let me tell you, I hate Roger Jr.
— Pat
We didn't talk about 50 Cents' son designing games!
— Matt
Are you telling me cereal gives you cancer?
— Pat
Everything does.
— Matt
We have the person being shoved up the ass and what some would call a 'lucky boy'.
— Woolie

Letter Time Edit

Q: If you could pick a modern concept to be the god of, what would you be the god of? from Unknown

  • Matt: Cereal.
  • Pat: Memes.
  • Woolie: Frame data.

Q: Consider the phrase 'I'm gonna shove you up his ass.'. What would be worse, being the one shoved up the other guy's ass or being the one getting a guy shoved up your ass? from Phillip Oz

  • Matt: I'd rather fuck Dante.
  • Pat: We need to test this.
  • Woolie: More data needed.

Q: You have to display one of the following prominently in your home, which do you choose? A high quality Boruto figure or a Funko Pop of your favorite JoJo figure. from Unknown

  • Matt: Funko Pop because that means JoJo is here.
  • Pat: Boruto.
  • Woolie: Boruto.

Q: With bodily position and pain not being a factor, come up with two tattoos for your compatriots, one they would love and one they would hate. from Unknown

  • Matt: Pat: Like- Face of someone that he doesn't recognize with a speech bubble that say, "My name is not penis assault."; Hate- On his chest, the Super Smash Bros Melee box art | Woolie: Like- Storm Eagle wings on his back; Hate- Two people about to fight, that could stop the fight if they would just talk
  • Pat: Woolie: Like- ???; Hate- A full one for one back tattoo replica of the Bionic Commando poster Matt got you that says, "His wife is his fucking arm" | Matt: Like- ???; Hate- ???
  • Woolie: Pat: Like- No tattoo; hate- full hairline and beard | Matt: Like- Godzilla fin's on his back; hate- on your knuckles 'Blss' and 'Rulz'

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