Pat Stares at Mercenary Kings

Mercenary Kings Title
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Game Mercenary Kings
Combined Length 28:24
Controller Pat
Upload Date Apr 2, 2014
“Fuck what I was talking about, Drew Carey is no Bob Barker!” — Pat

Pat Stares at Mercenary Kings is a one-off episode in which Pat plays a Metal Slug-esque Kickstarter game in which he fights Oddishes, smears on some vaseline filters, praises maple syrup, decapitates foxes, gives tips on getting drunk at work, and discusses old man swag.


Hey guys I made a video about the thing hey watch it though.
— Video Description


Apparently this is about Oddishes. Dickbag Oddishes, who wanna fight the Nazis... who's me.
— Pat
And Matt's not here to make me, y'know, make it look dumb.
— Pat
I love you Robertson, you steal everything so good.
— Pat
... so grind copper you fucking peon.
— Pat
I know you're sitting there going, 'Shut up, you fucking Canuck. Shut up about your maple syrup. Everything is maple syrup with you people.' Yeah! It's fucking great, put it on everything!
— Pat
I can't drive for shit cause I'm a commie, pinko, canuck.
— Pat
I wish people didn't have to lose their jobs to appreciate this shit.
— Pat
I'm doing a good job right? Yeah, of course I am.
— Pat
Fuck what I was talking about, Drew Carey is no Bob Barker!
— Pat


  • This is the Let's Play video to feature Pat, solo. The first Let's Play to feature only a single Best Friend was Matt in Dead or Alive 5.
  • The video contains no game audio because, as stated in the text box displayed early in the video, Pat was too lazy to add it.
  • Responding to a Friendcast e-mail, Liam stated that if he had to keep one LP on the channel (as opposed to deleting another), it would be Pat Stares at Mercenary Kings.

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