Best Friends Merchandise
“T-shirts, get your T-shirts here! Every t-shirt you buy makes Pat grow in size and anger!” — Matt

The Best Friends' line of merchandise was first made available August 19, 2013. It was originally announced in their "Two Best Friends Sell Out Super Hard - Merch and t-shirts!" video, which was uploaded on the third of that same month. More merchandise was added November 27, 2013, and was announced with a new video,  The Best Friends Open a Hype-Ass Photo Studio!.

All of the merchandise for the Best Friends can be found at

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Trivia Edit

  • The first video to advertise the Best Friends' merch was the seventh episode of Rustlemania, WWF In Your House.
  • Pat's favourite piece of merchandise is the Jason shirt. [1]
  • Matt's knowledge of art theory has helped him convieve the concepts for many of the t-shirts, which he gives to various artists with the talent to execute them. [2]

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Two Best Friends Sell Out Super Hard - Merch and t-shirts!01:21

Two Best Friends Sell Out Super Hard - Merch and t-shirts!


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