This is an extended page of the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Something to whet appetities before February 19th, 2013!
— Part zero
HERE WE GO! Time to Zandatsu some motherfuckers!
— Part one
Raiden may be hard fucked, but Matt and I will persevere, despite the invincible cats and hostages in our way.
— Part two
I'm fighitng all sorts of robot animal shit. Cows, Wolves? What's next, an Ocelot? Man I wish.
— Part three
Yknow what they say bout those french girls with 20 arms. You know what I'm talkin about.
— Part four
Raiden wrecks shit in the sewers like a Ninja Turtle as we argue about flamethrowers, Vanilla Ice and the nature of the sneaky cardboard box.
— Part five
Wow, this is the most outlandishly evil Metal Gear plot so far.
— Part six
Denver or Detroit? Choices choices I wish Robocop was real.
— Part seven
Robots shitting all over, and buying two xboxes? The fuck was wrong with us when we made this episode.
— Part eight
Alright, NOW I'M MOTIVATED Monsoon though, you're the coolest :3
— Part nine
Woolie truly is histories greatest monster. Also, apparently weaboos, weaboos everywhere?
— Part ten
Boss repeats? Simultaneously?! I love that shit!
— Part eleven
Eat shit Evil Cyborg Bill Clinton from Crysis. Also, extended tales of my dad trolling with dead animals!
— Part twelve
This is exactly what I wanted.
— Part thirteen
I...uhh...what? WHAT?!
— Part fourteen Final

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