This is an extended page of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


"Kept you waiting, huh?"
— Part one
"Now go! And let the legend come back to life!"
— Part two
Welcome to the Gun Jumper show with Rocky and Pat the shitface. We'll be jumping guns all day and stealing 40% chance dogs.
— Part three
"Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the worlds first bionic man. Big Boss will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster."
— Part four
I gotta say, Liams mastery over this cardboard box tech is a sight to behold.
— Part five
Boy howdy, that philosophers legacy sure can buy a lot of god damn magic bullshit you stupid fucking Skeleton dickhead.
— Part six
God damnit Liam, even your gun jumper stealth is effective. Shit is infuriating. Why doesn't it ever work out like this when I'm playing something? Must be the power of youth or some shit.
— Part seven
Jeez boss, leave some tanks for the rest of us, god damn. I know you're the greatest soldier ever but this is some ridiculous shit.
— Part eight
Okay, now this is just some fucking bullshit. Who wants some retcon? I didn't. Did I? Did it? I don't fucking know.
— Part nine
Let's go rescue Huey so we can kick his ass. BUT FIRST! Let's have a boss fight end in the most absurd climax possible. Who needs CQC?
— Part ten
Why is your god damn family cursed to always piss your pants Emmerich. Why? But forget that shit, DD? It's your time to shine poochy. Wall hack these fools!
— Part eleven
Got Huey under one arm, we got a cool ass beast dog, we're unstoppable, ain't nothing gettin in our way. Right Skullface? Also, in this episode, Miller dives more into being a complete piece of shit. Spoilers, I know.
— Part twelve
This might be the gun jumpiest and messiest episode yet. You won't believe our ranking though!
— Part thirteen
Oil and child soldiers, woof Africa, talk about bad first impressions. Oh well, you can jump guns in another continent at least Liam. It's fine.
— Part fourteen
Oh dear. It looks like our gun jumping must have caught up with us. Im sure this mission won't be frustrating in the slightest!
— Part fifteen
What's this episode about? I can barely remember. Liam stole some walky things and I rant about short shorts in mmos. It's a weird one.
— Part sixteen
Ooooh fuck this mission. Good thing I can cheat because I listen to the giantbombcast.
— Part seventeen
Quiet finally joins the team, and Liam has an unexpected super sneaky expert mission go super well. Gun jumping at it's finest.
— Part eighteen
Quiet, considering your super speed and magic powers, could you please help carry these fucking stupid kids? They're assholes and they don't listen for shit.
— Part nineteen
He's a gangster, he's a straight up G, the gangster life is the life (I mean Boss). Shooting people by day, fultoning people by night, being a gangster is hellah tight.
— Part twenty
Holy shit. Cutscenes? A boss fight! It's almost like this is a metal gear game! Holy shit.
— Part twenty-one
Oh no baby birds. Don't you start shit with the gun jumpers Motherbase. He'll jump his gun straight through your shit. Not sure what that means or what I was thinking when I wrote that.
— Part twenty-two
— Part twenty-three
A pair of missions go pear shaped (heyyy~), and Quiet makes some friends in her ongoing quest to learn how to be an orthodontist.
— Part twenty-four
We spend an absurdly long time in menus near the end of this episode, and for once, it's NOT because we don't know how to customize the helicopter. It's for plot...I think? Probably. Maybe.
— Part twenty-five
Alright, let's finally get to the bottom of this shit. Sure hope a new enemy type doesn't try and stop us, though.
— Part twenty-six
Does this sequence count as a boss fight? I don't even know. Maybe?
— Part twenty-seven
Time to take it to Skullfaces house! Nice and slow, stealthy and quiet. Time for Gunjumping? Not in this episode.
— Part twenty-eight
This jeep ride is some stupid bullshit. I swear to god, fuck. Thinking about it now, a few days after we recorded this episode, makes it seem even dumber.
— Part twenty-nine
Whoo! We beat the game! Wait, no, we didn't? The hell is going on here?
— Part thirty
Time to finally listen to some tapes. Strap in kids, gunna be a lot of sittin around and listening to be done.
— Part thirty-one
Let's bust out a quick story mission while we struggle to figure out how to progress this god damn bizarro endgame.
— Part thirty-two
Alright Volgin. Time to get your KFC ass into the deep freezer where Code Talker can poke you with a stick or something, ya jerk.
— Part thirty-three
I swear Quiet, your motivations and reasons for doing literally anything have gone from nonexistent to totally baffling in every way. Seriously. Why you do this.
— Part thirty-four
Why didn't you just do that at any point Quiet? Coulda saved ourselves a heap of trouble. For real. Also, saving stupid babies.
— Part thirty-five
Time to grab some intel, listen to some tapes, and talk about BURGERS.
— Part thirty-six
Wow guys. I think this may be the biggest punking in the history of gettin' punk'd. For real. Your pants fell down and everybody can see your balls.
— Part thirty-seven
Well shit. This is one of the most fascinating and interesting Metal Gear moments ever. When it rains, it pours, I suppose.
— Part thirty-eight
Otacons dad was a pathetic piece of shit. Shocker. News at 11.
— Part thirty-nine
Well, time to ship out and save Quiet. Sure hope this mission isn't an arduous slog.
— Part forty
Well, see ya Quiet, I guess. You were pretty cool, but I gotta admit, this felt pretty flat. Well it is just a side op after all.
— Part forty-one
"V has come to"
— Part forty-two
Now this is what I'm talkin about. This kind of longwinded plot dump. I've been waiting for this!
— Part forty-three
Time to get an earful of what we've been waiting for decades, the Truth.
— Part forty-four
Metal Gear deserved better than to have it's final chapter shown off in a rushed, vastly incomplete and ultimately disappointing form. But man, at least we got to know what the cut content was, right? And jeez, Mantis is OP for days like what the hell.
— Part forty-five Final

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