Metal Slug 1 Thumb
“You say Metal Slug and it's like, 'Okay, he clearly doesn't mean Metal Slug 1. He means the entire IP.'.” — Woolie
“Metal Slug: The All of Them.” — Liam

Metal Slug: The All of Them is a series of one-off episodes in which Woolie and Liam do full Let's Plays of the entire Metal Slug series. It ran from January 17, 2016 to July 22, 2016, consisting of four episodes. The playlist of the videos can be found here.


  1. Metal Slug 1
  2. Metal Slug 2
  3. Metal Slug X
  4. Metal Slug 3

Quarters LostEdit

Player Quarters Lost + Total Amount
P1 - Woolie 100 $25.00 USD / $33.08 CAD
P2 - Liam 93 $23.25 USD / $30.76 CAD

Overall Money Lost: $48.25 USD / $63.84 CAD ++

+ Quarters tallied with the presumption that one game (three lives) equals one quarter.

++ Individual amounts for each video can be found on their corresponding page.

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