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Metal Slug 1

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Game Metal Slug 1
Length 33:39
Controller Woolie and Liam
Upload Date Jan 17, 2016
“I think the 'How to Play' screen is more of an SNK character than Terry Bogard.” — Liam

Best Friends Play Metal Slug 1 is a one-off episode where Woolie and Liam begin their campaign across the entire Metal Slug series as they lament the loss of stolen lunch money, drool over beautiful sprite animations, and get crushed by multiple falling tanks.

About Edit

Regular Army Peregrine Falcons Special Forces Unit Lieutenant Woolie and S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S Covert Operative Liam, reporting for duty!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Don't argue, you're not right.
— Liam
We have an infinity pocket full of quarters so we don't get exposed. In fact, you know what? We're gonna get exposed anyway.
— Liam
So use them carefully but also all over the place because fuck you.
— Liam
I think the 'How to Play' screen is more of an SNK character than Terry Bogard.
— Liam
Why does this faux Nazi army only kidnap blonde, long haired hobos?
— Woolie
I guess now people sacrifice their lunches for in apps.
— Liam
I'd be down for art of Stalin and fucking Winston Churchill in this Metal Slug art style.
— Woolie
Perfect fight, perfect fight. Those deaths were intentional. Saves time.
— Liam
Run from this tank that's being piloted by a tank.
— Woolie

Quarters LostEdit

Player Quarters Lost + Total Amount
P1 - Woolie 16 $4.00 USD / $5.56 CAD
P2 - Liam 16 $4.00 USD / $5.56 CAD

Overall Money Lost: $8.00 USD / $11.11 CAD

+ Quarters tallied with the presumption that one game (three lives) equals one quarter.

Trivia Edit

  • The title card was made by James Docherty.


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