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Metal Slug 2

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Game Metal Slug 2
Length 50:32
Controller Woolie and Liam
Upload Date Feb 7, 2016
“There's no reason for anyone to watch this.” — Woolie

Best Friends Play Metal Slug 2 is a one-off episode where Woolie and Liam fail to heed SNK's "Parental Advisoly Warning" as they climb Mt. Mummy Everest, enforce train safety regulations, invent the arcade walk and talk machine, and save the world from tentacle porn.

About Edit

Canadian Nazis X Mujahadeen: Global Domination 2016
— Video description

Quotes Edit

These menus are ugly as sin, but perfect.
— Liam
The art style is goofy enough that it supports this goofy shit.
— Woolie
Thank you for the frog in your pants.
— Liam
Is that a heavy machine gun or are you just happy to see me?
— Woolie
It's like we're invincible, I say as I die.
— Liam
Making fun of? Fat is a power-up, man.
— Woolie
That tank pressed medium punch plus medium kick.
— Woolie
Fuck you, cabs. I take Uber.
— Woolie
There's no reason for anyone to watch this.
— Woolie
That's what your quarter is in Metal Slug. It's not another life, it's ten more bombs to throw at bosses.
— Liam
You hit 'em high, I'll be dead.
— Woolie
This day.. is our Independence Day! We're bringing it back for a sequel. Even though we probably shouldn't have done that.
— Woolie

Quarters LostEdit

Player Quarters Lost + Total Amount
P1 - Woolie 20 $5.00 USD / $6.95 CAD
P2 - Liam 21 $5.25 USD / $7.29 CAD

Overall Money Lost: $10.25 USD / $14.24 CAD

+ Quarters tallied with the presumption that one game (three lives) equals one quarter.

Trivia Edit

  • The title card was made by James Docherty.


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