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Metal Slug 3

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Game Metal Slug X
Length 1:15:02
Controller Woolie and Liam
Upload Date Jul 22, 2016
“Is vaping the worst thing to ever happen to mankind? Find out inside.” — Liam

Best Friends Play Metal Slug 3 is a one-off episode where Woolie and Liam take care of a nasty case of crabs, become zambambos and mummy doggers, and fight to end the hostile takeover by Vape Nation.

About Edit

The story so far: Everything is bigger and stronger and teaming up to kill you. Mission Start!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

So between the last video and this one, SNK heard, and they said, 'Oh, those Best Friend guys are doing Metal Slug video. We should put the anthology on PS4.'.
— Liam
Your mission today is to drown underwater. Try to get in their way.
— Liam
Fat is better. You have a few drawbacks, but generally you're stronger.
— Liam
My clothes burned off.
— Woolie
Shit. We should get hit by those more.
— Liam
Is vaping the worst thing to ever happen to mankind? Find out inside.
— Liam
I mean, the judges are out on that one. History will tell, but I think it goes vaping, Holocaust...
— Woolie
Vaping, Holocaust, slavery...
— Liam
David Cage.
— Woolie
A few of those problems have been solved. David Cage is being handled.
— Liam
It's really easy to trick Nova Scotia.
— Liam

Quarters LostEdit

Player Quarters Lost + Total Amount
P1 - Woolie 45 $11.25.00 USD / $14.89 CAD
P2 - Liam 38 $9.50 USD / $12.57 CAD

Overall Money Lost: $20.75 USD / $27.46 CAD

+ Quarters tallied with the presumption that one game (three lives) equals one quarter.

Trivia Edit

  • The title card was made by James Docherty.


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