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Game Metal Slug X
Length 48:32
Controller Woolie and Liam
Upload Date Mar 9, 2016
“Give it to me straight, Wii Fit Board. Am I a fat fuck?” — Liam

Best Friends Play Metal Slug X is a one-off episode where Woolie and Liam redo everything that happened in Metal Slug 2 but with more aliens and frame rate.

About Edit

— Video description

Quotes Edit

Stop putting so much frames. You're running us broke.
— Liam
Your mom wouldn't necessarily get why this game is beautiful. I mean, your mom wasn't in the arcades anyway.
— Liam
But the notion that it's carrying tanks with the express purpose of jettisoning them, like, is that really the best weapon you've got?
— Liam
That's what the fucking Canadian Novascotia army is all about.
— Woolie
Yeah, but we've been declared great twice.
— Liam
Fair enough.
— Woolie
Give it to me straight, Wii Fit Board. Am I a fat fuck?
— Liam
You know what'd be sick. If Metal Slug had a parry button.
— Liam
Yeah, we're totally better. We're totally not dying every other second like last time.
— Liam
At least Newfoundland offers fish. Sure they're not too smart, but sometimes I feel like eating fish.
— Woolie

Quarters LostEdit

Player Quarters Lost + Total Amount
P1 - Woolie 19 $4.75 USD / $6.28 CAD
P2 - Liam 18 $4.50 USD / $5.95 CAD

Overall Money Lost: $9.25 USD / $12.23 CAD

+ Quarters tallied with the presumption that one game (three lives) equals one quarter.

Trivia Edit

  • The title card was made by James Docherty.


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