Mechaweek 2

Metal Storm / Ranger X

Metal Storm Title
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Game Metal Storm, Ranger X
Length 1:07:03
Upload Date Mar 26, 2015
Controller Liam
Previous Neon Genesis Evangelion
Next Custom Robo
“Okay, how do these boulders work, seriously? I see them cheating.” — Liam

Metal Storm / Ranger X is the fifth episode of Mechaweek 2. In this episode, Woolie and Liam try to put more giant robots into Liam's life as they bounce around the stage and shoot holy water out of their bike in the fight against living rocks.

About Edit

Incoming Transmission:


— Video description

Quotes Edit

So that's Metal Storm. It came out twenty years ago. Buy it.
— Liam
Is that name terrible or great? I can't tell.
— Liam
Why are they shooting at me?
— Liam
They can smell you.
— Woolie
The rocks?
— Liam
Okay, how do these boulders work, seriously? I see them cheating.
— Liam
I only lost a lot of health.
— Liam
Neo Montreal is going to have to rebuild the Olympic Stadium for a mehca-sized Olympic Stadium.
— Woolie
We're never gonna pay that off!
— Liam


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