This is an extended page of the Metroid Fusion "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


We plunge deep into Samus Aran once more! But this time, we're bringing a new friend along for the fun!
— Part one
Matt Woolie and the Azure Dream, Liam, continue their quest to see Samus quake in fear at just about everything.
— Part two
Matt, Woolie and The Gentleman Ghost, Liam, take on a boss that might too much for these three idiots to handle!
— Part three
Will Woolie ever beat this super strong and manly boss?
— Part four
Without Liam to guide them, Matt and Woolie need to double team Samus alone! How long will they last?
— Part five
Lots of stupid technical problems occur on the ship that Woolie investigates, and Matt barely cares. All that matters is that Ninja Scroll is awesome!
— Part six
  • For some unknown reason part seven did not have a video description.
Woolie faces another horrible boss that's aiming to destroy the entire play through. Will Lord Arachnos succeed?
— Part eight
Matt and Woolie reach absolute despair, but a hero returns to help them out I think!
— Part nine
With Liam at the controls, things are looking up! OR ARE THEY! Can this wonderkid face the nightmare that is...uh, NIGHTMARE?
— Part ten
Oh god, the whole thing is falling apart...even Liam-Kun cannot figure out what to do...
— Part eleven
Woolie, Matt and Liam are closing in on the final battles of Metroid Fusion Dance.
— Part twelve
It's over, it's finally over. Take off your fucking Varia Suit already, Samus!
— Part thirteen Final

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