Creepy Anime Bullshit

Michigan: Report from Hell

Michigan Title Card
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Game Michigan: Report from Hell
Upload Date Oct 24, 2014
Controller Matt
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“I can't handle this... ah, don't ram the poor girl!” — Liam

Creepy Anime Bullshit - Michigan: Report from Hell is the fifth episode of the Creepy Anime Bullshit series. In this episode Matt and Liam film boobs and butts with their super cool camera, laugh at the poor lip-syncing and atrocious dialogues and try to save women from having their crotches turn into monsters.


This game is super creepy! And it's also a bunch of bullshit! And there's tentacles! So it's pretty much totally anime!
— Video description


Write the news? I am the news!
— Liam
I can't handle this... ah, don't ram the poor girl!
— Liam
This just in, reporter eats shit super hard!
— Matt
The crotch monster was eating her.
— Liam
I have to focus on a fruit. Some people get off on that... the frutarians.
— Liam
And, I mean, look at Brisco. That's a work benefit.
— Liam
Focus on the story, Kowalski!
— Liam
I'm trying, I'm trying, Boss.
— Matt
John Goodman?!
— Matt
It's Zubaz.
— Liam

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