“I hope Mike's in the corner, jerkin' off.” — Pat

Mike is a main character in Escape from Bug Island that pissed off Matt and Pat during the Let's Play. Mike cock blocked Matt and Pat from banging the weirdly hot bug girl Michelle.


Mike has such a huge boner for his shotgun that he enjoys pointing it at Ray and Michelle to show off his skills. He also gets a kick out of falling in love with other people's crushes just so he can steal them to prove his manliness towards himself and for the satisfaction of cock blocking his friends. Matt and Pat did not want to save him from the giant spider once they came back in time since they know he would be a prick even after they saved his life, they where correct as all he did was say "I killed a bigger spider" and "I'm still going to bang Michelle". But in the end Ray was the one to get into Michelle's pants and thus Mike became the one cock blocked and fucked off in his defeat.

Quotes Edit

Remember kids, shotguns impress girls
— Matt
This shotgun is a metaphor for my dick.
— Pat
Oh shit, Mike fuckin' eats it!
— Matt

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