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Shitty Games Done Slow


Mindjack Announcement
Watch the archived footage on the website or on YouTube (Part one and Part two)
Game MindJack
Length 5:23:15 (Game Completed)
Air Date Feb 13, 2016
Controller Liam
“You'd have an argument about nothing with your Auto Blow that looks like you.” — Matt

Shitty Games Done Slow - Mindjack is a Super Best Friends Stream event in which the Best Friends Zaibatsu accidently break the world record for (mind) jacking off people and robots while arguing about autoblow immortality and Crab Vs Lobster.

Quotes Edit

I just ate an ice cold chicken breast and we're about to pleasure you with MindJack.
— Liam
Even MegaMan Battle Network had kids jacking all over the place.
— Liam
I want everyone jacking me off.
— Woolie
If you wanna jack in, you gotta jack off RoarofEarth.
— Woolie
Once you jack off somebody you can take over their body and they become your mind slave.
— Liam
We need more melee attacks on Hilary Clinton.
— Woolie
I don't know if I can vote for that gorilla's socialist policies.
— Pat
Ghost in the Auto-Blow.
— Woolie
What's worse? Us streaming this or people watching this?
— Pat
I'll drink it. Spit it in my mouth.
— Matt
You'd have an argument about nothing with your Auto Blow that looks like you.
— Matt
I can't use this Auto Blow because it keeps shouting about Persona.
— Woolie
I don't like being short as fuck!
— Pat
Every time you shoot Shield-chan it goes, 'Nyaah!'.
— Woolie
You gotta pay your rent every month, you just go to your landlord and go, 'Oppai!'.
— Woolie
All four of us are here. None of us know what's happening.
— Pat
Garra, what's your new technique? 'It's the Sandbag no Jutsu.
— Pat
The future of cats shitting in boxes in your house.
— Matt
Man, Woolie, thanks for bringing all the dankest memes to this stream.
— Pat
I want a stuffed crust Amiibo, and every time you scan it in Link gets a pizza.
— Matt
But they'll never see an anus pucker in 4k.
— Liam
Popcorn, arcade machines, and easy access hentai.
— Woolie
That made me into the responsible adult today.
— Matt
A child's paradise.
— Liam
No country for told men.
— Woolie
All you need is a good helmet and Woolie will splooge all over it.
— Matt

Up NextEdit

  • White Slaving Meter Management
  • Our souls escape our bodies like slow farts
  • Gorilla Warfare
  • WE JACK HARD (waiting for pizza)
  • #Betrayalton
  • After Hours Hentalk

Gallery Edit

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