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Game Minecraft
Upload Date Never

Minecraft is a sandbox styled game where users can create and build pretty much anything they want. It's pretty much Legos in the digital realm. It's a tremendously popular game for it's accessibility and the freedom it gives users.

Matt and Pat absolutely hate Minecraft, and often use it as a butt to their jokes in their "upcoming episodes" promos. There's little reason given other than "it's boring" but they still frequently get requests to play the game despite their pleas and proclamations. Pat stated in his August 1st Reddit AMA that Matt doesn't mind the game and, while Pat understands why people enjoy it, he doesn't see the appeal in a pointless game.

The game can be seen being played by Woolie during his Fighterpedia training montage leading up to his epic battle with Daigo Umehara (instead of Street Fighters). It's likely however that was used to comedic effect and Woolie hates the game as well.


You couldn't pay me enough to know anything about Minecraft.
— Matt[src]

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