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Game Mirror's Edge
Episodes 6
Combined Length 02:42:28
Original Run Nov 17, 2015 - Nov 27, 2015
Controller Woolie
“It would always be easier and more pragmatic to be a horrible coward.” — Pat

Best Friends Play Mirror's Edge is a full Let's Play in which Pat and Woolie take a trip through a parkour wet dream as they lament the lack of more gun based gameplay and murder.


Alright Woolz. Show off your sick speed running skills! Or not?
— Website description

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Quotes Edit

How come you didn't beat the game yet? This is supposed to be a speed run and you're still at the title screen.
This is not supposed to be a speed run. My old, brittle bones can't take it anymore.
You wanna make a fucking super-cut of all the times me and Woolie have erections over the art style, that's gonna be a three hour long super-cut called this LP.
That doesn't mean I'm a fucking philistine, it means I'm an asshole.
Now this guy's just that drummer friend you have that can't get his life together.
Pre-chicken Colonel Sanders.
The newest threat to children is running. Keep them fat!
Use your kids as test subjects for the real world.
It would always be easier and more pragmatic to be a horrible coward.
I shot Grandma in the face. My bad.
Why even play it? Why even get up in the morning? Why even get up in the morning if you're gonna use a gun in that fucking fight?
Dude, I wanna live in this city so bad. I would be such a huge narc in this society. I'd be so on board. Hey, I don't need my civil liberties, look how nice my workplace looks
Oh god, I just created Faith the Hedgehog.
I thought you were getting flustered by me shitting on Werther's Originals.
I'm not good with heights, and I'm also terrified of death.
You've only fucked up like, roughly a third of the LP so far, so it's totally fine.

Trivia Edit

  • The title card music is "Still Alive" by Lisa Miskovsky, from Mirror's Edge.

Gallery Edit

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