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Mister Jensen's Adventures in China

Adventures in China Thumb
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Game Dues Ex: Human Revolution
Length 0:51
Date Sep 5, 2011
Next Mister Jensen Helps The Elderly
“Oh right, my mistake. You boys all look alike to me.” — Adam Jensen

Mister Jensen's Adventures in China is a Miscellaneous Shenanigans video in which Matt insults Chinese people in a nightclub.

Description Edit

The video starts with Adam Jensen ordering a Slum Dog at the bar. Afterwards, he speaks with an intimidating security guard. On the way out, the bouncer stops him and insists he go buy a drink at the bar, and that Bobby may have something for him. Adam decides to antagonise him by saying they all look alike. A gunfight immediately breaks out and Adam goes back to America.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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