Mister Jensen Helps The Elderly

Mister Jensen Helps the Elderly Thumb
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Game Dues Ex: Human Revolution
Length 1:49
Date Sep 7, 2011
Previous Mister Jensen's Adventures in China
“I never asked for this.” — Adam Jensen

Mister Jensen Helps The Elderly is a Miscellaneous Shenanigans video in which Matt harasses an elderly grieving mother.

Description Edit

This video is an almost gamer poop style of edited conversation between Adam Jensen and Cassandra Reed. For comedic effect, Matt spliced different dialogue options together into one seamless conversation.

About Edit

What a shame.
— Matt

Trivia Edit

The description for this video, "what a shame", is a reference to J.C. Denton's infamous line in Deus Ex, which he can say to Sandra Renton immediately after killing her father directly in front of her. This has become a popular meme regarding the game.

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