Super Best Friends vs

Montreal Comic Con 2014

Montreal Comic Con 14 Title
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Length 17:15
Date Sep 22, 2014
Previous Super Best Friends vs Montreal Comic Con!
“Are you coming to the Super Best Friend panel?” — Matt
“Who?” — Everyone

Super Best Friends vs Montreal Comic Con 2014 is a video featuring the Super Best Friends Matt, Woolie, and Liam attending the 2014 Montreal Comic Con. Whilst there, they make tough decisions, correctly identify all cosplay outifts, check out the door attendants, break all the rules, and sort through their piles of loot.

About Edit

Thanks to the Montreal Comic Con for inviting us, all the fans we met, and all the friends that put up with our dumb demands/favors! Thanks again!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Is he doing a Jojo pose? Oh my god, The Punisher being in Jojo would be so sick.
— Matt
Are you coming to the Super Best Friend panel?
— Matt
— Lots of people
It's got Jet Jaguar in it though.
— Matt
I like how it's Batman: Knighfall: Volume Knight: KnightQuest.
— Matt

Swag TimeEdit

Woolie's LootEdit

  • Prints of Juri, X-23, and Samus Aran a.k.a. Team Woolie Waifu
  • Picture of Street Fighter girls by Liz Lee
  • A copy of Saga book three
  • Re-print of Batman: No Man's Land
  • Snow Piercer graphic novels
  • $500 Captain Harlock figure

Matt's LootEdit

  • Preacher part five
  • Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth
  • Batman: Knightfall part 2
  • Superior Spiderman TPB
  • Daredevil by Mark Waid
  • Thanos Rises
  • Minimum Carnage TPB
  • Thunderbolts TPB
  • Dr. McNinja: Timefist
  • Shimano: Extreme Fishing for Wii
  • Remington Super Slam: North America for Wii
  • Matthew's Bow Hunting for Wii
  • Punisher comic with custom Adventure Time cover
  • Weaponlord picture signed by Simon Bisley
  • Sailor Moon picture by Liz Lee
  • Matt and Woolie wedding photo by Chooone
  • Friday the 13th bead art
  • Predator re-color figure signed by Carl Weathers
  • 1994 Godzilla figure
  • 2014 Godzilla figure
  • Fiber glass Casey Jones mask

Gallery Edit

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