More DLC for Street Fighter X Tekken?

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Game Street Fighter X Tekken
Length 6:43
Date Mar 11, 2012
Next The Arcade Stick: A Gentleman's Guide
Previous Street Fighter The Movie: WTF Happened?
“When you take a look at it, it might seem complicated. But if you take a closer look, it's even more complicated than that.” — Woolie

More DLC for Street Fighter X Tekken? is the ninth episode of Fighterpedia where Matt and Woolie tell you myths and facts of Street Fighter X Tekken's complex systems, as well show the exclusive DLC trailer showing the new systems being implemented, examples include the Eagle Vision System, Cross Auction Arts System, and the Pneumonia/Perspiration System.

About Edit

Woolie and Matt clear up a few misconceptions about Street Fighter X Tekken's systems. Also, the world premiere a new trailer for upcoming DLC?!
— Video description


Get hype!
— Woolie
Gems are excitement!
— Matt
You are a confused child.
— Matt
Nothing is true. Everything is permitted!
— DLC trailer caption
Mother Earth joins the battle!
— DLC trailer caption

Gallery Edit

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