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Mortal Kombat Defenders of Stupidity

Flophouse Mortal Kombat
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Show Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm
Upload Date June 22, 2011
Length 8:44
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“Nothing burns hotter than ice.” — Sub-Zero

Mortal Kombat Defenders of Stupidity is the first episode of Matt's Cartoon Flophouse.


Hey, did you guys know Jax was a little fat babby when he was a babby? Let’s point and laugh at him!
— Website description


In this installment Jax deals with his past weight problem, Sonya acts like a bitch, no one likes Stryker, Nightwolf plays with Kiba and Shao Kahn resurrects Shang Tsung so he can punch him in the face.

Memorable LinesEdit

“IT'S KOMBAT TIME!!” — Sonya Blade
“Get.......Over here.” — Scorpion
“Kitana: It's going to be tight. Liu-Kang: Better suck it in” — Kitana and Liu Kang's conversation in a Jet Plane
“SHANG TSUNG!” — Raiden
“Good timing, Raiden. The fights over, girlfriend.” — Jax, commenting on Raiden being fashionably late
“Ello, baybee (in a heavy Australian accent)” — Kano, meeting Sonya

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