This is an extended page of the Mortal Kombat X (Full Let's Play) "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


— Part one
Wow special forces kids, you guys were just built to job weren't you?
— Part two
Kung Jin is lame as fuck and blood magic is radical. This is known.
— Part three
These new MKX characters are too cool. We need to go back to their embarrassing dorky outfit teen years to knock them down a few pegs.
— Part four
Getting Carl Weathers into 2 classic fighters isn't enough. If only we could get Japan to accept him into their hearts, then we'd have a stew going.
— Part five
D'Vorah's (O.C character do not steal) was totally hanging out in MK2 you guys, you just weren't playing hard enough.
— Part six
There's no one left to save the day except for all these Borutos! Can they do it?!
— Part seven FINAL

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