Godzilla Week Day #7

Movie Review & Final Thoughts

Godzilla Week Movie Review Final Thoughts
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Length 14:34
Date May 18, 2014
“You're working with a margin of error that's the size of Biollante's vagina.” — Matt

Godzilla Week Day #7 - Movie Review & Final Thoughts is the seventh and final episode of Godzilla Week.

About Edit

I wrap up with some parting thoughts and a review of the new movie!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

It's been going around pretty hard on people, but it's safe to say, I got Godsyphillis again.
— Matt
Just like in 1998, I was mad balls hype for the new film, and my hype boner was indestructible, until I watched the new movie long ago.
— Matt
Now when you think about it, making a Godzilla film for international audiences is a herculanean... no, no fuck that, it's a monstrous task, cause you're dealing with a franchise that's sixty years old, has almost twenty-nine other films to be compared to, and the last time this was attempted, it was a huge fucking shit bomb.
— Matt
You're working with a margin of error that's the size of Biollante's vagina.
— Matt
I've seen people complain there's too much human drama in the film. Welp, welcome to the wonderful world of Godzilla folks! Glad you could finally join us.
— Matt
Would I have wanted more footage of monsters fighting? Sure, of course, that's a stupid question.
— Matt

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