SBFC 108

Muckspreading All Over The Place

Show Notes 108
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Length 3:29:06
Date Sep 1, 2015
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“Do I have to jump in front of this tree and take a bullet for it?” — Matt

Muckspreading All Over The Place is episode 108 of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Liam and Pat give Woolie and Matt the rundown on PAX Prime 2015, as well as a peak into their intimate 13 hour airport adventure.
— Website description


He keeps fighting and the answer was grow a beard you fuck.
— Matt
Oh man, if we had an episode that was nine minutes long with eight minutes of ads...
— Liam
It'd probably be our highest quality podcast.
— Pat
I heard about them from us.
— Liam
I woke up this morning with a horrible taste in my mouth an thought, 'Uhh, fucking books.'.
— Woolie
Nothing makes Dre and Cube look more like more pussies than no one getting shot at their movie.
— Pat
Do I have to jump in front of this tree and take a bullet for it?
— Matt
— Pat
Eat your burgers, Jotaro.
— Matt
Black girls really need to be plus fourteen on that move.
— Woolie

Letter Time Edit

Q: Has Matt finished Kill la Kill yet and if can we start shaming him? from Aaron

  • Matt: No, I'm three episodes from the end.

Q: What's an awesome pilot episode? from Charlie

  • Matt: Awesome Town
  • Pat: Awesome Town and Adventure Time
  • Woolie: Heat Vision and Jack and Invader Zim
  • Liam: Little Witch Academia

Q: I think game design is too grounded in the vikings, knights, and samurai. Do you think there is room for warriors inspired by lesser known cultures in games? from Adrian

  • Pat: Absolutely. The only reason it's too grounded in those cultures is because they got to the video game table early.
  • Liam: You just have to sell people on them.

Q: How do you fix the reversal system in wrestling games? from Plague of Gripes

  • Matt: Have three reversal pips and give each of them a cool down.
  • Pat: Make it to where you have to stock meter to reverse.
  • Woolie: You can't make it too hard or too easy.

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