This is an extended page of the Murdered - Soul Suspect "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Oh shit! We're dead! TIME TO GET ON THE CASE!
— Part one
Solve my own murder? Screw that! Let's solve this party girls first!
— Part two
Let's find the origami child and then gallavanting around spooky town!
— Part three
— Part four
Yet again we take time out of solving our own murder to solve the tragic death of some drunk idiot.
— Part five
How the fuck are these cops supposed to solve my murder if they're just playing Human Revolution all day?
— Part six
Spooky graveyard time. Jeez. So spooky.
— Part seven
Alright boys n' gals, time to head off to ye olde ghost mental hospital!
— Part eight
Trains in MY museum? More likely than you think!
— Part nine
So apparently we're fighting ghost hulk now?
— Part ten
We've figured out the mystery! And it's...dumb! Shocker!
— Part eleven
Well, THAT was shorter and lamer than I expected!
— Part twelve FINAL

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