SBFC 003

My Snake Have Started to Move

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Length 1:41:32
Date August 27, 2013
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“How can this podcast be so cute?” — Liam

SBFC 003: My Snake Have Started to Move is the third episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

It's going nuts! SBFC discuss why we crave rare console colors, KOF online, Rare's old franchises, F2P World of Warcraft, Ultra SF4, New Killer Instinct characters, and Ben Affleck as Batman.
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

Yeah, Woolie. I think you're a stupid, lazy idiot, but you did a pretty good job.
No one should be mad about Ben Affleck being Batman, they should be mad we're getting another fucking Man of Steel movie.
I really wanna talk about knife fights on this podcast.
— Pat
We gotta slow down guys, or we're gonna start playing Pog.
— Pat
When your black character makes Cole Train look like Nelson Mandela, there's a problem.

Letter TimeEdit

Q: How many times has Matt been banned from Neogaf? - from Levi

  • Three times. Two times he did not know why, and once for being a dick.

Q: At any point in your life, were you ever sucked up in a shitty card game? - from Eric

  • Matt - Killer Instinct, Udon Street Fighter
  • Pat - Triple Triad
  • Woolie - Yomi
  • Liam - Imagination, Neopets, Legend of the Five Rings, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and all card game/video game hybrids

Q: Have you ever cosplayed? - from Nick

  • Woolie - Xavier Stone from Guitar Hero
  • Liam - Brown haired guy from Japanese DS game, Neku from The World Ends With You, and Naoto from Persona 4

Q: Woolie, Why do you hate Deadly Premonition? - from Tito

  • He doesn't get what's supposed to be funny about it, and doesn't like its type of "jank".


  • The title of this episode is a reference to a mistranslated line of dialogue in Metal Gear, "the truck have started to move".