This is an extended page of the NBA2k16: Livin’ Da Dream "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


This LP is a terrible idea. Did we Do The Right Thing?
— Part one
Still no sign of basketball ghosts. I think we got Bamboozled.
— Part two
Rage is discovering a deep hidden basketball jones inside himself, almost like some kind of Inside Man, that really loves sports.
— Part three
By Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, even virtual Shaq sounds dead inside, like they woke him up at the 25th hour to record his lines. You know, like 3.A.M.
— Part four
This team owner. He thinks he knows Rage. He knows He Got Game and is all about Love and Basketball. He thinks he can pull a fast one, but Rage is from Sucker Free City, and he ain't falling for shit. Team owner better Get On The Bus if he knows what's good.
— Part five
Cee-Cee and NPCface_Yvette Doin' Work, going in on each other like "She Hate Me" and "This gold diggin' beyotch knows Rage is The Best Man, and She's Gotta Have It". In this room full of Lovers & Haters, only NPC Spike Lee himself can get to the root of the issue of his own characters.
— Part six
If God is Willing and da Creek Don't Rise, Vic will help Rage get his street rep back.
— Part seven
— Part eight
Vic stands alone, and not a single fuck was given.
— Part nine
— Part ten Final

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