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Length 03:22:45
Date Oct 27, 2015
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“He opens the briefcase and an aegis reflector comes out.” — Liam

NBA 2K16: GHOSTS ARE INVOLVED is the one-hundred and sixteenth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Fun facts: 25% of us will spend next week getting hitched. 50% of us spent the whole week playing Street Fighter V. 75% of us agree on what the NX is going to be, and 100% of us aren’t ready for spooky basketball ghosts.
— Website description


Let the rage of the NYPD guide you.
— Liam
Why does this boat have a tracking overhead?
— Woolie
Notepad, the greatest hacker of our time.
— Matt
He opens the briefcase and an aegis reflector comes out.
— Liam
You brought some binoculars to look up at the mountain but it was just a cardboard standee.
— Liam
When's Darth Ghostface Killah?
— Pat
There is a god, and he likes Nier.
— Liam
The cell phone is the primary component and the console is the add-on.
— Pat
Well, she's three years old and her tits are hanging out. Of course.
— Pat
These voting machines won't let me vote for anything but my twisted, dark fantasy.
— Pat
Black people joke.
— Liam
I love these banana seeds, they're the shit. Oh no, you waited to long and they became a banana.
— Pat

Letter Time Edit

Q: What's your console theme at the moment? from Antony from Finland

Q: If you could go back to an alternate time where, a game you already played the full version of in the past, you can play the beta, what game would it be? from Shoryuko

  • Matt: Final Fight: Seven Sons and No More Heroes when it was just Heroes.
  • Pat: Resident Evil 1.5
  • Woolie: Lily Bergamo.
  • Liam: Gladiator A.D. and the Hook-Man Demo.

Q: Bagles, toasted or untoasted? from Tyler

  • Matt: Toasted.
  • Pat: Toast that shit.
  • Woolie: Toasted unless you get them right out of the oven.
  • Liam: Toasted.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: My wedding and Darksider 2: Death-finitive Edition.
  • Pat: Nothing.
  • Woolie: Hours of Street Fighter V beta footage and Geekfest.
  • Liam: Paris Game Show 2015 and River City Super Sports Challenge.

Trivia Edit

  • The music used in the outro is "Karin Theme" from Street Fighter V.