This is an extended page of the Naruto: The Broken Bond "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Activate your Borutogans! Open up that 8th Gate Bankai! WE GOIN' IN.
— Part one
We gotta defeat these nothing ninjas from pointless village!
— Part two
No! Stop being hype!
— Part three
Sex Offender no Jutsu!
— Part four
Nalt! You gotta save the leaf village by playing these carnival games!
— Part five
Defeat the Eotan with your secret juts.
— Part six
— Part seven
Rasengan! Fuck you TREES!
— Part eight
Hey look! It's everyone's favourite posterboy for the caste system!
— Part nine
We've got questions. Billy's got answers.
— Part ten
Hey! Anybody in this village wanna upgrade their inner fox? Anybody? Inner Fox upgrades for sale, get em while they're hot!
— Part eleven
When you're gonna eat chips, make sure you get past the tutorial bag.
— Part twelve
In which we discover that the difficulty spikes are because we've been beelining story missions instead of levelling.
— Part thirteen
  • For some unknown reason parts fourteen through twenty-four did not have video descriptions.

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