SBFC 013

Never a Good Day with Swamp-ass

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Length 2:34:46
Date November 5, 2013
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“So wait, EA cancelled a beloved franchise that people had been waiting for!?” — Matt

SBFC 013: Never a Good Day with Swamp-ass is the thirteenth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

This week in videogames! Manly tears, Resolutiongate, MGS5!!!!, Notch rules, Zynga scums it out, Assassin’s Creed Egypt? And arcade stick compatibility? In my next gen? It’s more likely than you think!
— Podcast description


Never fun, never a fun day with swamp-ass.
“'It's only dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.' That's the same phrase I heard from my brother every time before he broke his leg or arm.
That's what some technician said at Chernobyl!
— Matt
You make me blush, but you can't see it... because I'm black and black people can't blush.
— Woolie
I think we should devote an entire podcast to the technical details of Final Fight: Streetwise.
— Matt
You ate too much shit too fast, and now you just got shit on your face.
— Pat
So wait, EA cancelled a beloved franchise that people had been waiting for?!
— Matt
Each Terran that gets fucked by a Zerg is a penny of your hard-earned cash.
Desperate Nintendo is best Nintendo.
— Matt
Don't we all have Dreamcast sticks?
— Liam
Guilty Gear is like drugs.
— Pat
Pat's evil rape horse stand will get the better of him.
— Liam
Orchid was the original booty popper.
— Woolie
If malaria asked me what time it was, I wouldn't even answer.
— Matt
I thought you were assigned dolphins in Grenada.
— Liam

Letter TimeEdit

Q: Do you guys ever have to deal with neighbours getting irritated? from some guy named Matt

  • Woolie: An old woman poked the ceiling with a broom.
  • Pat: I got a single noise complaint, after getting new speakers for my PC.
  • Matt: At Zaibatsu Headquarters, a buff guy said something during the New Super Mario Bros. U video.
  • Liam: Never.

Q: Do any of you speak any French? from Michael

  • We all know enough to get by, but Pat and Liam are better.

Q: Liam, have you played the Streets of Rage remake? from Cody

  • I downloaded it before it got taken down and it's fantastic.

Q: What are some of your favourite comedians? from Philip

  • Woolie: Louis C.K. and Joe Rogan
  • Pat: Louis C.K., Jim Norton, Patrice O'Neal, and George Carlin.
  • Matt: Specifically, Jerry Seinfeld's I'm Telling You for the Last Time tour.
  • Liam: Gabriel Iglesias

Q: To everyone but Matt: do you guys have any pets? from Charlie

  • Matt: I have a snake, two rats, and now I have a cat. Fuck you, Charlie!
  • Pat: I used to have a dog when I lived with my folks.
  • Liam: I don't have any pets, but I have a Golden Retriever named Daisy at my family's place, and a Shitsu named Sushi at my mum's place that died two months ago.
  • Woolie: I had fish when I was a kid, and two German Shepards named Ralph and Lisa in Grenada.

Q: Has a video game ever made you cry? from Charlie

  • Pat: Final Fantasy VII and The Walking Dead: The Game
  • Liam: Heavy Rain and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
  • Woolie: The Boss in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.
  • Matt: When Link says goodbye to Saria in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Q: If you could have your arms replaced by any transforming hand or weapon thinf what would it be? from Yashwa

  • Pat: A big vibrating rubber fist
  • Woolie: Grappling hook
  • Matt: Pizza cutter
  • Liam: Grappling hook

Q: Have any of you guys seen Interstella 555? from Talon

  • Yeah! It's the greatest music video of all time.

Q: If you could be a character from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, who would it be? from Katie Base

  • Woolie: Dio
  • Pat: Old Joseph in part three
  • Matt: Jotaro
  • Liam: Speedwagon

Is Kill la Kill Still Great?Edit

Yes:[x] No:[]

Matt Watch Edit

This week, Matt was stalking Orchid.