Shitstorm 3: Shittribution

Neverending Nightmares

Neverending Nightmares
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Game Neverending Nightmares
Controller Matt
Length 47:42
Next Ju-On The Grudge (Shitstorm 3: Shittribution)
Previous Kraven Manor
“Yeah, we're in murder school.” — Matt

Neverending Nightmares is the eighth one-off episode released during Shitstorm 3: Shittribution.

About Edit

Proving once again that you don't need to be 3D and in first person to be scary!
— Website description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat explore a creepy-ass Civil War mansion, have to hide in the wardrobes from hyper muscular babbies that hug them to death and then arrive at a mental asylum, where they run away from eyeless freakazoids in strait-jackets who bite their throats out.

Quotes Edit

Plague can read Latin 'cause he needs to summons things on a regular basis.
— Matt
That's true. How else is the farm gonna survive?
— Pat
Windows are the greatest killers of birds confirmed.
— Pat
Who hangs out with skulls?
— Pat
I don't know, people who are on portraits.
— Matt
And 50 Cent!
— Pat
I really need my axe, and I need to throw that.
— Matt
Don't tell babies they're accidents. They don't like it.
— Pat
Yeah, we're in murder school.
— Matt
That hand came out to punch me in the nards... it failed.
— Matt
Just stop Rick Flair-ing all over these guys.
— Matt

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