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Game New Super Mario Bros. U
Length 15:29
Original Run May 13, 2013
Controller Co-Op
“How hard can Mario really be?” — Woolie

New Super Troll Bros: FUCK U  is a one-off episode featuring Matt, Woolie and Rising Superstar Liam attempting the hardest levels of New Super Mario Bros. U. Friendships are tested as the saltiness rises to toxic levels while they attempt (but mostly fail) at completing these ridiculously hard levels.

Quotes Edit

Silver is a clear? What kind of rinky dink operation is this?
— Liam
So the goal now is just die?
— Woolie
Liam's OCD won't allow him to accept this.
— Woolie
Liam put your hands on Woolie's hips and guide him.
— Matt
He can only play when he's high.
— Matt on Woolie
You're not denied a platform, fuck off.
— Liam to Matt
I hate when my Hulk doll got killed!
— Matt
I've never seen someone celebrate mediocrity.
— Matt on Woolie
Woolie's doing this sick thing right now where's he's glaring SO hard at Matt.
— Liam
This is the most passive aggressive shit ever.
— Woolie

Trivia Edit

  • New Super Mario Bros. U was also the basis of a Machinima episode during Season 6.
  • This video was first presented as a full playthrough, however shortly after the first episode being uploaded Nintendo began enforcing copyrights on YouTubers doing Let's Plays, leaving New Super Troll Bros: FUCK U in a state of indefinite hiatus.
  • When asked in his Reddit AMA what game has left him the saltiest, Woolie replied with New Super Troll Bros: FUCK U, because they didn't get to put up the rest of it.


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