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Nier Automata (Demo)

Automata Demo Title
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Game Nier: Automata demo
Length 41:07
Controller Pat
Upload Date Dec 31, 2016
“This demo could not have told me less about this game.” — Pat

Best Friends Play - Nier Automata (Demo) is a one-off episode in which Pat and Woolie pour one out for their lost Vita by continuing to spread the Nier hype in his stead.

About Edit

Platinum and Yoko Taro a fine brew make. Is this the video with the most yeeyeyeyeyeyeeyes in recent memory? Sure is.
— Video description

Quotes Edit

I am foreseeing this video to have no less than three or four 'Yeyeyeye's in it.
— Pat
It's Bayonetta Rising.
— Pat
This demo could not have told me less about this game.
— Pat
Oh my thumbs! OH GOD! Okay, my brain understand what game want to do now.
— Woolie
Your human hands are like..
— Woolie
Holding you back.
— Pat
..are too primitive.
— Woolie
I bet there's a reason their faces are nearly totally obscured.
— Pat
Maybe there are flowers growing out of them.
— Woolie
Fuck you stage! I beat you, for real real! I beat the level! Like no, I really beat it... up! I beat up the level!
— Woolie
So that was Westworld season nine.
— Woolie

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