Shitstorm V: Shitsurrection


Nightcry Thumb
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Game Nightcry
Controller Pat
Length 59:51
Next Extermination
Previous ANATOMY
“I was gonna say, y'know, I much prefer Daylaughs.” — Matt

Nightcry is the second episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm V: Shitsurrection special.

About Edit

"The lightning storm outside illuminated my cabin through the porthole, and I felt a sense of darkening dread wash over me followed quickly by wave of nausea. I had been at sea for the better part of a week, and my stomach had not yet gotten accustomed to the slow but purposeful swaying of the ship. The voyage I was on was long and arduous, but I was determined to sea it through...the horror I had to leave behind. My friends...even some of my family had been slain and I was the one who had found the bodies, the unshakeable image of their flayed corpses, the tendrils of intestines coiling around like so many gore-covered snakes...these images still haunted me. I swallowed hard, a feeling I felt all the way down to my own stomach, and I knew I had to use the nearby lavatories once more...damn to hell this swaying ship. I then got up with a wobble, and made by way over to the small room that housed the toilet and then suddenly, just like the spell of nausea had suddenly swept over me, it just as quickly left. I didn't feel it at fact, I didn't feel head slowly cocked down and I saw why...long, rusty 3 ft blades had punctured my stomach and ran me clean through. The Scissorwalker had found me...and my sea journey was at an end."
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat embark on a spooky pleasure cruise reminiscent of *Clock Tower* and *Deadly Premonition*. During their voyage, they practice the art of rapid whispering, traipse through blood and find new uses for rolled up newspapers.

Quotes Edit

I was gonna say, y'know, I much prefer Daylaughs.
— Matt
My favourite way to whisper is rapidly.
— Matt
Nah, I'm into fatties like Matt.
— Matt
Yeah, get that dad bod.
— Pat
Rolled up newspapers just seems... just seems like... seems like the darkest timeline. Like, this is where you're at, huh? Front page news indeed.
— Pat
I'll suck your dick, I'm Mr. Bucket.
— Matt
But there's like, icky sounds though.
— Matt
Yeah, it really sounds like he's chasing my asshole.
— Pat
I wanna see one more gnarly thing happen. Uh oh, gnarly things are happening.
— Pat
Beef McStrong-Beefers.
— Matt

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