Godzilla Week

Day #2 - Nintendo Rampage!

Godzilla Week Nintendo Rampage
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Game Godzilla: Monster of Monsters! and Super Godzilla
Length 34:16
Date May 13, 2014
Next Fighting Hype!
“What's the downside to dumping everywhere?” — Pat

Godzilla Week Day #2 - Nintendo Rampage is the second episode of Godzilla Week.

About Edit

Matt and Pat tear through the Nintendo Godzilla games!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Okay, I don't get it. What is Godzooky?
— Pat
I watched AVGN's whole Godzilla thing, and Godzooky makes even less sense to me.
— Pat
That's probably the sexiest year you've ever seen.
— Matt, about 2XXX
So they turned Godzilla into Flintstones?
— Pat
You mean Monstar of Monstars.
— Matt
All Mothra can do is be healing type.
— Matt
I was really worried that you were serious and that it's actually the Brain Nebula.
— Pat
What's the downside to dumping everywhere?
— Pat
They used the set from when Godzilla faked the moon landing.
— Pat
There's a time limit, but there's no time limit.
— Matt
I bet Mothra always rags Godzilla to flush the toilet.
— Matt
What kind of giant kaiju toilet would there be?
— Pat
No, flush the Pacific!
— Matt
Godzilla's swollen, man.
— Matt
Yeah, kill the pink ball monster.
— Pat

Gallery Edit

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